How to protect your hair on vacation?

How to protect your hair on vacation?
The heat, wind, sand, salt water, chlorine, UV rays of the sun... All these elements have an impact on our hair on vacation! Here are our top tips for protecting your hair on vacation in the sun.

Why protect your hair on vacation?

During the summer, salt water, sand, chlorine, wind and the sun's UV rays sensitize the hair. These elements attack our hair's natural keratin, which provides shine and suppleness, open its scales and dry it out. Long exposure to the sun alters the scalp's pH and causes dandruff. So it's important to protect your hair on vacation to limit breakage and keep it healthy.

Taking care of your hair before you go on vacation

Cut your hair

If your hair is split and breaks easily, there's nothing like trimming the ends to restore strength and vitality. Sun, chlorine and sea salt weaken already vulnerable hair fibers.
Chemical colorings applied just before leaving on vacation further weaken hair fibers. The sun's UV rays, sea salt and chlorine open up hair cuticles and allow color pigments to escape. It's best to color your hair at least 3 weeks before you leave, and darken it by a half-tone, as the sun will lighten it.

Moisturize your hair

To limit hair breakage at the end of your vacation, it's important to apply moisturizing treatments, preferably based on aloe vera and prickly pear oil: hair mask, co-wash, multi-use care oil. These treatments will give your hair a moisture boost and fortify it before it is exposed to summer's external aggressions.

How to protect your hair on vacation?

Wearing a headgear

To protect your scalp and hair from the sun's UV rays, there's nothing better than wearing headgear without suffocating them. A timeless fashion accessory: hat, bob, cap, scarf... the choice is yours!

Scalp scrubbing

Before and after a sun bath, use a hair scrub to remove all residues accumulated on your scalp (sun products, salt, sand, chlorine), detoxify and moisturize it. It also enhances the penetration of hair care products.

Applying vegetable oils

Some vegetable oils protect hair from the sun by forming a protective film around the fiber. They also prevent sea and pool water from penetrating the hair and drying it out. Apply your Care Oil before sunbathing or swimming, and again afterwards.

Rinsing hair after swimming

After every swim in the sea or pool, rinse your hair with clear water and shampoo if possible to remove all residues that dry out the hair fiber: sea salt, chlorine, sand...

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