All about the benefits of cowash with aloe vera

Curly hair is particularly fragile due to its curved shape, as it is difficult for the sebum to reach the ends and nourish them properly. This can be exacerbated by repeated shampooing. The solution is to opt for a cowash with aloe vera!

The cowash principle

Cowash is a contraction of the word "conditioner" and the verb "wash". The technique consists of washing the hair with a conditioner. This technique was invented by the Americans and is well known in the United States.
It has a creamier texture and is rich in moisturising agents, which allows it to nourish the hair in depth. It also makes brushing easier so that the hair is not damaged when detangled. To provide the best care for your hair, it is important to choose a cowash with aloe vera that is silicone-free, as the latter would have the effect of engulfing the hair fibre and then suffocating it, thus preventing the product from penetrating and your hair from enjoying its benefits.... and of course our Shaeri co-wash cleanser (Soin Lavant) is silicone-free! 

The benefits of aloe vera for the hair 

To get silky curls and healthy hair, we have chosen to develop a range based on aloe vera. This plant has always been used in cosmetics - even dating back to the time of the Pharaohs - for its many benefits for the body and hair. Thus, by making a cowash with aloe vera, you bring them all the nutrition and hydration they need thanks to the gel contained inside its leaves which are endowed with these properties.

Thanks to its effects, you will have strong, supple and manageable hair. Aloe vera also has the effect of regulating sebum production thanks to its purifying action. And if you have an irritated scalp or dandruff, this plant has soothing and healing properties that you will appreciate. In addition, once the scalp has been cleansed, it is possible to use the aloe vera cowash more frequently. In the Shaeri Washing Care, the formula has been enriched with essential oils in order to have the most cleansing properties possible: lemon essential oil, known for its anti-oxidant, purifying and toning properties, citron essential oil, which is toning, and Ho wood essential oil, which will revitalise the hair.

How to make the aloe vera co-wash?

To get the most out of it, first wet all your hair thoroughly before wringing it out very lightly. Then apply the cowash, being generous with the amount used. Massage the scalp and hair well to distribute the product throughout. To help you do this, you can use a wide-tooth comb. If you have dry hair, for better hydration, it is advisable to leave the cowash on for about ten minutes. You can then rinse and detangle.

The aloe vera cowash is not intended to eliminate your usual shampoos entirely but to reduce the number of them. In fact, it is recommended to alternate the two rather than only use the cowash as the shampoo removes all product residues from your hair. With this in mind, we have designed a Detox Scrub with aloe vera, sea salt and essential oils. Once a fortnight (and at most once a week), apply it part by part to the scalp, massage gently and rinse. It should be followed by the Washing Care. The hair will then be thoroughly cleaned and moisturized.
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