Aloe vera Detox

This winter, give your hair a detox with aloe vera!

 In winter, our hair, like our skin and our body, can be weakened, especially when it is curly, frizzy or kinky. Soft, dull, damaged, dry ... it is not always in top form at this time of year because of the rain, the dry air from the heating, the hairdryer and the frequent wearing of hats. Not to mention the harmful effects of pollution. It is therefore important to pamper your hair so that it regains its shine and brilliance and so that your curls are once again silky and supple. By offering them an aloe vera detox, you help them eliminate toxins, product residues (hair products for example) and above all, you take care of your scalp which is often neglected. However, it plays an essential role in the health of your curly, frizzy or kinky hair. What's more, by choosing aloe vera, you can take advantage of the benefits of this natural ingredient with its soothing, repairing, moisturising, purifying and anti-oxidising properties. In short, everything your hair needs in winter!

Taking care of your scalp is essential

The objectives of a hair detox are to purify and cleanse your hair and scalp. On a daily basis, the scalp retains residues from styling products, fine particles, cigarette smoke, limescale and chlorine deposits (if you go to the swimming pool without wearing a bathing cap), which are not exactly good for its health. It also suffers the effects of stress and excess sebum. However, we often forget that it is on the skin that hair grows. Therefore, it must be healthy for your hair to be beautiful ... and healthy. That's why it's a good idea to do a detox in winter. In this way, you can cleanse your scalp, ridding it of all impurities. And if you frequently use hair care products, this is essential to allow your scalp to breathe, as all the accumulated products suffocate it. With aloe vera, you can give your hair a gentle break, especially since this natural ingredient is perfectly suited to frizzy, curly or kinky hair.

Which products should you choose for your hair detox?

You want to try the winter detox with aloe vera? You're right, it will do your scalp a world of good! And for that, you don't need to invest in a lot of products. On the contrary, you should go for the basics. With Shaeri's Detox Scrub, you get the benefits of aloe vera, sea salt and essential oils. Very easy to use, it purifies, cleanses in depth and cleanses your weakened scalp by acting on the microcirculation and by boosting it. This winter, you can use it every 2 weeks, instead of your shampoo. For it to be really effective, apply it strand by strand, then massage and rinse. Next, we recommend using our Washing Care, again with aloe vera, which makes it easier to detangle your hair, which is important when your hair is curly or frizzy because it tends to get tangled. And that's it! So don't wait any longer to discover our two treatments! By performing a detox every 15 days this winter, you will quickly notice positive effects on your hair.

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