Damaged hair: the benefits of an oil bath!

Damaged hair: the benefits of an oil bath!

Why use oil for your hair?

Hair, like skin, needs to be carefully maintained to reflect well-being. In addition to shampooing and protective styling, regular treatment of the hair fibre is recommended in both curly and frizzy hair care. In terms of treatment, the oil bath is a leading method that is beneficial to the hair. It is even more beneficial for damaged hair because of its repairing effect. Discover the benefits of oil for your hair!

What are the benefits of oil on damaged hair?

Hair is quickly weakened when it is poorly cared for or when it is often attacked by repeated colouring, bleaching, straightening and blow-drying. As a result, they lose their shine and strength. But don't worry, it is possible to regain a beautiful hair mass by regularly applying oil to damaged hair. Oil contains fatty acids and minerals that are very useful for the hair. For this reason, it is often used in curly hair care products and in kinky hair care products.

The oil is very nourishing for the hair, whether it is damaged or not. With its direct action on the scalp, it promotes hair growth and makes it voluminous and shiny. There are several types of oil, such as castor oil, olive oil, prickly pear oil, mustard oil, etc., all of which are beneficial for damaged hair.
The oil moisturises the hair fibre to restore its shine and strength. It also protects it from breakage and dandruff. If you have cut your hair or if it is very broken, regular application of these fats will effectively promote regrowth. The oil mask has unsuspected benefits for all hair types. If you want to keep your hair looking good, oil baths should be part of your hair care routine for both curly and frizzy hair.

How to apply the oil to the hair?

Damaged hair certainly deserves much more attention than healthy hair. To achieve effective results, choose your oil carefully according to your needs. In the case of hair, a mixture of several oils is preferable in order to benefit from all the ingredients of each oil.

In a regenerative treatment, the mixture of coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil is highly recommended. Include it in your hair routine and apply it once or twice a week for at least six months to damaged hair.
To apply your mask, apply it strand by strand, from scalp to lengths on detangled hair, then massage slowly for better penetration. Leave it on for 30 minutes, 2 hours or overnight, depending on your pace, and rinse thoroughly. So don't forget, whether it's for curly or frizzy hair care, oil is still an essential element for beautiful, strong and healthy hair. So don't hesitate to try it if you want to repair and maintain damaged hair.
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