Gorgeous curls for Valentine's Day

hair for valentines day

Valentine's Day is fast approaching! Whether you are renewing your vows of love or looking for that special someone, you want to look great that night. To do this, your outfit will be important, but don't neglect your hairstyle! Find out everything about how to have beautiful curls for your evening, whether you have curly or frizzy hair.

Getting ready for Valentine's Day tonight

To avoid a nasty surprise when you wake up in the morning, you should never neglect your curly hair at night! Indeed, friction is the worst enemy of your curls, it degrades and dries your hair for several consecutive hours. To fix this issue, there are several solutions:

    Tie up your hair

The cotton in your pillowcase is a nightmare for your curly hair! This highly absorbent material will drain your curls of the precious sebum they already lack. To avoid friction as much as possible, it is best to tie your hair up high.

You can therefore opt for the famous Pineapple, of which there are many video tutorials online. Big braids are also a good alternative to protect your hair from drying out. But don't make your curls too tight or you'll break them!These hairstyles will sheath the hair while protecting it overnight so that it looks perfect on the big day.

 Use satin

Cotton is the big problem for curly hair. You can therefore opt for a satin or silk pillowcase (so chic). This much softer material will not damage your curls. If you don't want to change your bedding, you can simply opt for a satin scarf to wrap your hair in.... Or a soft silk cap!

Remember to moisturise your hair in the morning to gently wake up your curls and tone them. With these tips, you'll be sure to have bouncy curls and a structured hairstyle on Valentine's Day!

Redefine your curly hair

If you want to define your curls for the big night, there are several rituals to adopt! As you've often heard, curly hair is particularly dry, even dry at the ends - remember the story of sebum trapped in the scalp that we detailed in a previous article! It needs to be moisturised every day or it will become damaged and you'll have a frothy effect.

To protect your hair, you should limit washing to once or twice a week maximum. Remember to always use a mask to moisturise your hair.

When it comes to detangling, the afro comb will be your best ally! Easy to handle, some models can even diffuse oil for a good hydration of each curl. Unlike traditional brushes, the afro comb will allow you to detangle your hair without breaking your curls!

To define your curls as much as possible, you can also use moisturising products enriched with vegetable oils: avocado oil is particularly nourishing. By treating each curl one by one, you'll be sure to have beautiful curls without a frothy effect!
Whether you have curly or frizzy hair, follow the guide to get radiant curls and make a grand entrance on Valentine's Day... yes, we always make a grand entrance with the volume effect of curls: and we love it!
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