Our favourite hairstyles!

Our favourite hairstyles!

It's not always easy to accept your curls (even if you actually love them), especially after a good night of sleep! And even then, it's true that sometimes you want a change. Who said it was complicated to style your curls? We've selected our favourite hairstyles for you.

 The loose bun

In a banana, on the side or in a tousled mode, the bun for curly hair can be done in many ways. The aim is not to make it into a plastered and perfectly done bun, but to accentuate the fuzzy side that gives the hairstyle its charm. It's easy to do, you just need an elastic band and hairpins (quality ones, we recommend) and a rather soft brush adapted to your hair type. Before you start styling, you can also apply a moisturiser to the ends and lengths of your hair to make styling easier.  

Start by forming a half-high ponytail, not too tightly to keep that tousled look. After forming your ponytail, take a strand of hair as you go, roll it up and secure it with your hairpin. Do the same for the other strands until you get your bun.

Tip: Don't hesitate to leave some strands loose on the front of your face for an even more tousled effect!

The braid, ideal for curly hair

Like the bun, the braid can be done in many different ways. Whether it's in a side spike, stuck to the top of the head or on one side of the face, there's plenty to choose from! We have selected our favourite braid for our Shaeri girls. First of all, we advise you to prepare your hair well with a moisturizer and if some of your curls decide not to cooperate with your morning mood, a little curling iron and the job is done!

Secondly, start by forming your hair parting according to your preferences, then form not one but two braids on the front of the two ends of your face, in spikes or basic braids. To keep the blurred effect that we like so much, don't make your braid too tight, but pull the ends of it so that it is a little more voluminous and relaxed.

Finally, take the two ends of your braids and secure them together with hair clips and a little hairspray at the back of your head. A romantic look for the day!

Tip  : why not do a basic braid on one side and a spike braid on the other? GO!

The bun

We like the bun on top of the head with the rest of the hair loose! So how do you do it? Always after having prepared your hair with your conditioner, by hand, start by selecting a part of your hair on the top of your head starting from the forehead. A little tip: using the ends of your eyebrows as a guide will save you time in selecting the right part of your hair for your bun.If you feel like it, the second step is not mandatory but it is still essential for your bun to hold properly!
Once you have separated the part of your hair you want to make your bun with from the rest, using your brush, style this part by smoothing it as much as possible from the forehead and tie it up, preferably with a hooked elastic band so that it can be tightened. You don't have to tie this part, and can then go straight to the next step - the last step!
Finally, it's time to start the crimping phase. Of course, you lightly crimp the hair you just tied in a ponytail. This will give your bun more volume! Twist your ponytail lengthwise, then pull the ends so that the bun has more volume, and wrap the hair around itself to form the bun. Use bobby pins to secure the bun, add a dab of hairspray and you're all set, your look is super stylish!
Tip : accessorize with large earrings for an evening look!

The accessory

that makes the differenceWe love our curly hair and want to show it off! To do this, we recommend that you opt for a variety of hair accessories for a perfect look. Who said hairbands were only for straight hair? Headbands, scarves, headbands, lots of variations exist to create hairstyles full of originality. For our Shaeri girls, we prefer brightly coloured headbands so that they don't get forgotten in your hair, and also patterned headbands to reveal who you are!
For the position of the headband, we have our favourite! It's very simple, when you have finally found the accessory that suits you (preferably a medium size scarf), always prepare your hair with your care. When everything is ready, take your scarf square and fold it so that it forms a triangle. At this stage, fold it over several times.
Finally, tie the scarf starting at the back of your head and tie both ends above your head. Tie it into a neat knot for an even prettier look! You can always use hairpins to secure it.
Tip : you will brighten up your surroundings and highlight your often difficult to style curly head!

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