Our hairstyle ideas for the holidays

Hello December! It's finally the party season, and when you say party, you say preparations. Preparing the gifts, the meal, his great evening wear ... We offer you our hairstyle ideas for the holidays.

christmas hairstyle

Our hairstyle ideas for the holidays

Hair jewelry

Hair jewels are very practical if you want to add a sophisticated touch to your hairstyle. Also very useful if you don't want to complicate your life with a too elaborate hairstyle: small jewels are enough to sublimate your hair! Choose hair rings, pearls, barrettes or headbands to accessorize your braids, buns, ponytails or simply on your natural hair. To complete your glamorous look, opt for a head jewel on your hair! To do this, apply a few spritzes of moisturizer to your lengths to replenish and define your curls, then make a high half ponytail. Loosely tie your half-tail into a bun. Put on your head jewel and you're done!

The bubble ponytail

The Bubble Ponytail is very trendy this year. Easy to do, it will give a glamorous side to your holiday look! To add a chic touch, complete your hairstyle with a silver or gold hair ring.

1. Make a high half ponytail.

2. Add a few strands from the bottom of the ponytail and secure with an elastic band. Repeat this step until you have tied all your hair up for a bubble effect.

The twisted ponytail

You'll need a small elastic band and bun clips. Our little tip: apply a few spritzes of Daily Care to your lengths before you do your hairstyle to moisturize them and get a shiny effect!

1. Take all of your hair and wrap it around the back of your head from the top to the bottom, pulling it tight.

2. When you get to the nape of your neck, take a small strand of hair and wrap it around itself and then around your ponytail.

3. Secure it with your small elastic band and bun clips. Pull a few strands of hair out for a styled/unstyled look.

The Bohemian Chic Bun

For a chic and sophisticated hairstyle, opt for a bun. It exists in all its forms: the low bun, the "coiffed/uncombed", the high bun or the braided bun... To achieve it, dampen your hair with a spray bottle and a few drops of conditioning oil. Comb your hair, flatten it out and then roll your hair up to the height you want it to be.

1. Complete the steps of the Twisted Ponytail without using the clips.

2. Tie the twist on the back of your head to make a banana bun, using bun clips and letting your hair hang over the top.

3. To add a little "chic" touch, accessorize your bun with little pearl clips!

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