Taking care of your hair in autumn

Hello Autumn ! It's the season when the days get shorter and the sunshine decreases... The transition between the summer heat and the cold season. This period can be a bit depressing, so we offer you our tips to moisturize your hair and take care of your dry hair in autumn.

Our essential gestures

Space out your shampoos

The more you shampoo, the more your scalp and hair feel stressed, and the more sebum they produce! You need to find a frequency that suits your hair's balance, but about twice a week would be ideal! It may seem difficult when your hair gets greasy quickly, especially after washing it repeatedly this summer, but be patient!

Massage your scalp

Massaging the scalp regulates sebum production, activates blood circulation and thus promotes hair growth. Your hair bulbs will be stimulated, your scalp will be more supple and your hair will be shinier.
How does it work? Use circular motions with your fingertips on the entire scalp for five minutes. For best results, massage with a scalp scrub, hair oil or shampoo.

Scrub your scalp

To purify your scalp and moisturize your hair at the root, it is essential to regularly scrub your scalp. For a gentle moisturizing and purifying scrub or if you suffer from itching, try our Pure Scrub with sea salt, aloe vera and prickly pear oil. Once a week, apply it part by part to your scalp, massage and rinse. Healthy, shiny hair is yours!

Need for hydration

Signs of moisture deficiency

Little frizzes, poorly defined curly hair, hair that swells and tangles.

Our tips for moisturizing your hair

Whether you have straight, curly, frizzy and/or fine or thick hair, your hair may need moisture.
Choose sulfate-free shampoos and products made with natural moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera or prickly pear oil.
On a daily basis, use moisturizing creams or sprays on your lengths and ends!

Need for nutrition

Signs of a lack of nutrition

Split ends, dry hair, hair that breaks or lacks shine.

Our tips for nourishing your hair

In addition to moisturizing your hair, it's important to nourish it if you have dry hair. Curly or frizzy hair naturally lacks nutrition, and even more so if it has been straightened.

First, use a nourishing shampoo, preferably made with natural ingredients like prickly pear oil.

Before or after each shampoo, leave on a mask, which will intensely nourish your lengths and ends. For even better results, apply your mask to your hair, wrap it in cellophane and then with a moistened towel heated in the microwave. Goodbye dry hair!

Soak your hair in oil for half an hour or overnight for even more benefits for your dry hair.

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