Why should you do a hair detox before Summer?

Why should you do a hair detox before Summer !

For the arrival of summer, let's go into detox mode! But not just any detox, we opt for the Shaeri hair detox with its Pure Scrub with Aloe Vera for supple hair, shiny hair and hair that smells like sunshine and holidays.

Why adopt the scalp scrub in your hair routine?

Detoxifying your hair and scalp is an essential step in having healthy and shiny hair! Like the body and the face, the scalp needs to be cleansed to be purified of all the residues accumulated on a daily basis: pollution, styling products, limestone, cigarette smoke ... Not to mention the effects of stress and excess sebum. Doing your hair detox before summer will allow you to have beautiful, shiny hair for the arrival of sunny days! And yes, the scalp scrub helps ventilate the scalp, stimulate blood microcirculation and thus boost hair growth. And if you have a sensitive scalp, detoxifying your hair is THE best way to relieve itching attacks and the appearance of dandruff.

Why use the Pure Scrub to detoxify hair and scalp?

The Pure Scrub has been worked and reworked so as to offer you a “clean” detox break, pleasant and effective for the hair! A recipe made up of 3 main ingredients: Aloe Vera, sea salt and lemon essential oil, for a purified and healthy scalp.


On a sensitive and irritated scalp, doing an aloe vera scalp scrub will help soothe and calm the itching. Aloe vera is an antifungal, antibacterial plant that has calming and healing powers, which means that it is THE plant to adopt in your routine to combat these inconveniences.


Our scalp scrub, the Pure Scrub contains very small grains of sea salt which will gently and naturally exfoliate the skin of the scalp and remove all the accumulated residues: dead cells, dandruff and excess fat ... The added bonus of sea salt is that it will dissolve in the hair when rinsing, so don't panic, you won't have any unpleasant surprises after your detox session.


Just by reading this ingredient, you can already imagine the crazy smell of Pure Scrub. But beware, this ingredient is not just pleasant for its fine and fruity smell, lemon essential oil is a super purifying and sanitizing ingredient. Using it in your scalp scrub will allow the skin to be revitalized and stimulated and thus give
strength to the hair.

How to use our scalp scrub, the Pure Scrub?

Detoxifying your hair and scalp is THE new gesture to adopt in your daily life! On the other hand, the idea is not to irritate our scalp by exfoliating it daily. For an effective result, the best is to perform a scalp exfoliation once a week or every two weeks (everything will depend on your hair type and your problems), instead of your usual shampoo.

  1. Apply line by line, on dry or damp hair, a line of product (for ease of use directly put the end of the tube on your roots and draw a line that will follow your line);

  2. If you have applied the product to dry hair, you can take a little shower to moisten your head and lather the product during the head massage;
  3. Gently massage the scalp with your fingertips for a few minutes to boost blood circulation and loosen the residue accumulated on your scalp;
  4. Rinse off with lukewarm water, and go directly to the treatment step, for example with our Intense Care Mask with Prickly Pear Oi
    If you liked the smell, you can even use our Pure Scrub as a body scrub!
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