Juliata Cohen, a multicultural artist !

Juliata Cohen
So, who are you?
I'm Juliata Cohen, a multicultural artist who sings and dances in favor of peace and coexistence, and I'm also a jewelry creator. I'm inspired by travel, the cultural mix and the treasures of nature.

Where do you come from?
I was born in Paris, the daughter of a Moroccan mother and a Tunisian father. I was raised in a traditional Jewish family, who taught me tolerance and respect above all. My grandmother had a lot to do with this, and she's the one who continues to accompany me on my journey today.

Your music has some surprising influences: how come?
My music is the fruit of my origins and my trips. I was born in Paris, but I've never felt at home here, and very young I had the wish to return to the African continent, to reconnect with my origins. Something very strong was calling me.
I've traveled frequently over the last ten years, between Burkina Faso, Mali, Morocco, Senegal and the Middle East.
And I've now been living in Cape Verde for 3 years. It's this mix of languages, rhythms and cultures that defines my music.
I create a bridge between worlds that were perhaps never meant to meet. My latest track is called "Inshallah", and I wrote it in 5 languages: French, Cape Verdean Creole, Arabic, Bambara and English. It turns out to be a universal language.
Here, we're talking about hair, so tell us about yours: how do they look?
My hair is typically Mediterranean, wavy brown and full of volume when I'm near the sun.

How do you like them: a little, a lot, passionately?
I like them a lot, because they're easy to style and full of personality, even more in warm countries.
They tend to get flatter in colder weather, and I like them a lot less. I love having a Shakira/Esmeralda style, wind in my hair...

Do you have any hair tips? A little recipe from grandma?
The best and most effective mask is still the classic for me: the egg yolk, olive oil and honey. It makes my hair look like nothing else, and nourishes them deeply and effectively.
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