Mario Levi, Shaeri's new General Manager!

Mario the COO of Shaeri

Who are you?
I'm Mario, Shaeri's new Managing Director and business associate. I'm very proud and happy to have been able to join Meryem and the team for a few months now. I was interested in Shaeri for several reasons: the brand's values, the exceptional quality of its products, the entrepreneurial adventure it represents and the development potential I saw in the company. My role as COO will be to help Shaeri grow and achieve the success it deserves. I'm determined to use my experience and entrepreneurial spirit to achieve these goals. Apart from my professional career, I am the father of a little boy and a member of a large Mediterranean family thanks to my Spanish-Moroccan wife and my Italian origins. I see myself as an entrepreneur by nature. Passionate about soccer, I also have an interest, or rather a passion, for wine and fine dining.

Where do you come from?

 I'm originally from Nice, in a true Franco-Italian family. Even though I've been in Paris for over 15 years, Nice remains my “home”. So I grew up in the sun and by the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean, its culture and values, play an important role in my life. My family owned a company that made professional coffee machines in France: the Unic company.  These are the machines found in coffee shops, bars and restaurants: the famous percolators, as some bistro owners call them! Coffee has been a major factor in my career to date. You may not know it, but there are more flavors in coffee than in wine. The world of coffee isn't just about the product either, it's part of a wider world of hospitality and catering. Returning to my background, my passion for soccer led me to start my professional career in sports marketing with the Lagardère group, before joining the family business. I worked and then managed Unic for over 10 years. In particular, I was involved in the company's international development and the management of its two subsidiaries in the United States and Japan. I sold the company to the Electrolux Professional group in 2019. I stayed with the group for 4 years, working in various management positions in hot beverages and coffee. But I missed the entrepreneurial life. As you can see, family, entrepreneurship, made in France and the Mediterranean are essential elements of my life; it's no coincidence that I'm now with Shaeri!

We're talking about hair here, so tell us about yours :-)

Now that I'm at Shaeri, I know the professional term: a true 2C type. But, my hair has always been a subject - well, since I was a teenager. In my family, we say that “notched” hair... hairdressers love it, but for me, who doesn't like very short hair, it's always been a struggle to style it.

What is your Shaeri product? How do you use it?

I don't have one, but two key products: the Leave-in Cream and the Moisturizing spray. I use the Leave-in Cream every morning as a styling and setting cream.


Leave In Shaeri

I've said goodbye to gels and other hair waxes. It's a real revolution: I now have a 100% natural product that doesn't damage my hair, and I can also use it as a treatment at the same time. I use the Daily Treatment to put my hair back in place during the day. It's practical, discreet and quick to us!

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