The benefits of the prickly pear oil mask

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Prickly pear oil is a rare and precious oil extracted from the seeds of the fruit, the prickly pear tree, otherwise known as the hindia fig tree. Native to Latin America, the prickly pear is also cultivated throughout the Mediterranean region, and its oil is enriched with vitamin E, omega 6 and sterols.

Prickly pear oil is therefore a common ingredient used in cosmetics because of its many benefits. Both anti-ageing and moisturising, prickly pear oil can be used as a skin cream or as a mask for dry and dehydrated hair.
For centuries, Berber women have used prickly pear oil as a natural barrier against external aggressions such as the wind or the sun.

The different benefits of prickly pear oil for the skin

Prickly pear oil can significantly reduce the spots that appear with age, or due to prolonged exposure to the sun. Like a vegetable oil, prickly pear oil acts as a shield and protects your skin.

But it is especially known for the hydration it brings to oily, mixed or dry skin. In fact, acne-prone skin finds in prickly pear oil a perfect pH regulator, and therefore a balance in the production of sebum.

Dry skin particularly appreciates the intense hydration and nourishing power of prickly pear oil.
An excellent anti-ageing agent, prickly pear oil smoothes the skin and limits skin slackening. Thus, it helps to fight effectively against the appearance of the first wrinkles and the signs of aging.

A revitalising and restructuring hair mask

If the moisturising and nourishing virtues of prickly pear oil can be observed on all types of skin, it is on the hair that this magical ingredient works wonders.

Who has never dreamed of strong, shiny, silky hair? It is now possible thanks to the prickly pear oil mask.

Rich in vitamin E, the prickly pear oil hair mask protects your hair cells from oxidation and helps repair damaged hair follicles. By stimulating your immune system, the prickly pear oil mask will activate your scalp's blood circulation and help your hair grow.

Can be used for all hair types

The advantage of prickly pear oil is that its benefits are suitable for all hair types. Dry hair can benefit from intense nutrition and complete hydration of the scalp and lengths.

Oily hair, which is prone to overproduction of sebum, will see its condition improve with the use of a prickly pear oil mask, as it will make it more radiant and healthy without weighing it down or leaving an oily film on the scalp.

Finally, other benefits are to be noted, such as the fight against dry dandruff, hair loss, and to accelerate the growth of the hair follicle. As you can see, if you were to have only one beauty product in your bathroom, you should undeniably choose prickly pear oil.

In addition, the prickly pear oil mask helps to slow down the ageing of cells, which limits the appearance of white hair.
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