All the benefits of orange blossom!

From North Africa, orange blossom has many virtues for the hair and skin, in addition to its delicious fragrance. In its floral form, it is very frequently used in cosmetics and in this article we'll explain you why! 


Contrary to what one might think, the orange flower does not grow on the orange tree, but on a tree called bigaradier, or sour orange tree, which is widespread in Morocco, Italy, Spain and throughout the Mediterranean. The "bigaradier" is in fact the variety of citrus fruit that produces the bitter orange. Its fruits are less sought after than those of the orange tree, but its flowers have the strongest and most intoxicating scent.

Like other floral waters, the water extracted from its flowers is obtained by hydrodistillation. Also known as "Neroli essence", it is obtained by collecting the vapours from cooking fresh flowers. During this process, the steam passes through the flowers and captures some of their volatile molecules. As it cools, the steam separates into two phases. On the one hand, we obtain the essential oil, better known as Neroli oil, and on the other hand, we obtain the floral water, also called hydrolat. It is the latter that is used in cosmetics. However, to produce 1 litre of neroli, you need 1 ton of flowers, so it's a lot of work!


Orange blossom water is used in many hair care products because not only does it smell absolutely delicious - and that's why we use its fragrance in our Co-Wash for example - but it also has many benefits for the hair. 
  • Orange blossom floral water helps to stimulate the hair all year round: it also promotes hair growth and gives it energy. This healthy and sunny product has been used since ancient times for its regenerative power. It helps to revitalise dry and dehydrated hair so that it is shiny and strong.
  • Orange blossom water has moisturizing, softening and purifying properties, it will soothe the scalp and leave a pleasant smell in the hair.


  • As a mist: if you want to give dull hair a boost or tone it up, apply orange blossom water to your wet or dry roots, then brush your hair.
  • As a lotion: for deep conditioning, mix a few drops of orange blossom water with your usual mask. This will improve the effectiveness of the mask and stimulate hair growth.
benefits of orange blossom


Orange blossom also has toning, revitalising and soothing properties for the skin and is particularly effective in preparing skin care products for dry skin. It is also used to calm the mind and facilitate sleep, or in cooking, everything is possible!
  • Refreshing and regenerating, you can apply it directly to your face or neck before applying your usual skincare product. You can also pour a few drops into your moisturiser or use it as a lotion.
  • Brightening, it restores radiance and light to the complexion. It soothes and gently refreshes the skin, and its moisturising and regenerating properties are particularly effective on irritated, delicate or dry skin.
  • And where there's hair there's head; where there's head there's spirit. Calming and reassuring, orange blossom water makes it easier to fall asleep and relieves tension. Before going to bed, you can spray it on your hair or pillow to enjoy its relaxing effects during the night. 
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