Aloe Detox !

Aloe vera is our second favourite ingredient!

Very present in the Mediterranean, this plant has 1001 virtues known since Antiquity! We use organic aloe vera in our Aloe Fever range.

Aloe vera has amazing survival skills: when cut, the plant heals itself. It quickly releases a substance that, within minutes, turns into a new skin, quickly healing the wound. Moreover, an aloe plant that has been dug up and left in the heat will survive for months and keep its vital faculties intact, ready to regrow once it has been replanted and watered!

A bit of history (Sorry, we like history!)

From ancient Mesopotamia (1750 B.C.) to Greece and the Egypt of the Pharaohs, the virtues of aloe vera gel to treat skin infections were known. For more than 5,000 years, all the great civilisations have used Aloe vera for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. Traditionally, the leaf was peeled and the pulp applied directly to the skin. The gel was said to have healing properties. In Egypt, the oldest medical document, known as the Ebers papyrus, lists aloe as a medicinal plant. The plant was used in various formulas for headaches, chest pains, burns, ulcers and skin diseases.

The properties of Aloe vera

 Aloe vera extract is a complete active ingredient, thanks to its actions: AntioxidantPurifyingMoisturisingSoothingRepairing


Aloe vera extract is rich in phenolic compounds (phenolic acids, flavonoids, tannins), which are very powerful antioxidant compounds. These compounds are capable of directly neutralising free radicals, reducing the concentration of peroxide, repairing oxidised membranes and reducing the production of reactive species. Thus, Aloe vera extract helps to fight free radicals and protects cell and membrane structures from damage. Aloe vera extract is a detoxifying agent: it helps to fight against oxidative stress.


In addition, Aloe vera has antiseptic properties. It is indeed capable of inhibiting the proliferation of multiple micro-organisms. Therefore, Aloe vera extract is able to limit the proliferation of microbial strains. Thus, Aloe vera extract protects the skin against pathogens and their damaging effects on the cells. It helps to purify the Stratum corneum, hair and formulations. Aloe vera extract purifies the skin and scalp.  


Aloe vera extract also has a strong moisturising effect due to its high content of sugars, proteins and amino acids. By limiting evaporation and promoting water binding, the sugars, proteins and amino acids present in Aloe vera extract help to regulate the flow of water and thus prevent the dehydration of dry skin and hair.  


In addition, Aloe vera extract has anti-inflammatory properties. Indeed, it is capable of modulating the inflammatory response. In particular, it inhibits the production of pro-inflammatory mediators.


On the other hand, Aloe vera is best known for its healing and repairing properties. Indeed, the aloesine present in Aloe vera favours healing: it reduces the healing time, facilitates tissue regeneration and granulation and increases collagen production.

In addition, it is rich in minerals that maintain skin and hair homeostasis (the balance of the skin and hair) and that also improve cell - and therefore skin and hair - regeneration. In particular, calcium is involved in membrane permeability and the regulation of epidermal differentiation, as is sodium. Potassium plays a role in intercellular communication. Manganese increases collagen production by activating galactosylet glucosyltransferases.

Thus, Aloe vera extract contributes to the repair of the skin and hair, to the regeneration and restructuring of the skin layers and the hair fibre.

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