Prickly pear oil for hair!

Among the natural ingredients we use in our hair care products is prickly pear seed oil.

Still little known, although it is very effective, it is a rare ingredient because its production requires a lot of time and fruit. The harvesting of the fruits is also difficult because the cactus grow in semi-arid areas. At Shaeri, we work with Moroccan cooperatives to contribute to the development of this sector, while helping the local population. Thus, one of our objectives is to raise awareness of this precious ingredient with its many benefits, particularly for curly and frizzy hair which is by nature very dry.

 Likewise, they can often have undergone many treatments - straightening, dyeing - which makes them even more fragile!


This vegetable oil is extracted from the prickly pear, a cactus native to Latin America, Mexico to be precise. This plant can be recognised by its flat, rounded stems with small and large spines. Its fruits, the prickly pear, are eaten and are characterised by their soft, very juicy and sweet flesh. They are also used in the manufacture of beauty products, such as our hair care products. And this cosmetic use is not recent since Berber women have been using prickly pear oil for centuries to protect their skin from external aggressions (wind and sun for example). 
To produce this oil, the seeds must be separated from the pulp, dried and pressed. And if this oil is considered miraculous for the skin and hair, it is not by chance. In fact, it has anti-ageing and anti-oxidant properties because it is composed of essential fatty acids and vitamin E. On the scalp, this translates into slower ageing and better hair growth.
And above all, prickly pear oil does not contain any industrial dyes or preservatives. It is a natural, non-harmful product with no side effects.
A real little wonder in a nutshell!


To take care of your hair, this natural ingredient is a real ally. If your hair is dry, curly or very voluminous, it helps you to soften, nourish and moisturize them. Thanks to its composition, prickly pear seed oil also strengthens the scalp, thus slowing down hair loss. By moisturising it, it eliminates dry dandruff.

And because its active ingredients penetrate the hair fibre quickly and easily, you can enjoy its benefits right from the start. During the summer, if your hair becomes dry, don't hesitate to apply it pure on your ends or as a treatment before shampooing.

Similarly, it adds shine and suppleness that frizzy, curly or frizzy hair sometimes lacks. It provides deep conditioning without drying or greasing the hair.

In our opinion, this is the perfect oil to have in your bathroom if you want to protect your hair. On our online shop, you can find this super ingredient in several references of our range. For example, we offer an intense mask to revive damaged curls, a moisturising, regenerating and nourishing shampoo, as well as a daily care product. So don't wait any longer to discover them on our website and try them out!

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