.. But what does Shaeri mean?

Whenever someone discovers the Brand, the first question they ask us is:

"What does 'Shaeri' mean?"



"Shaeri" has many meanings in different languages. It can be spelled differently depending on the language and alphabet, but is pronounced almost the same.

Shaeri means "my hair", "my poetry" and "my poem".

in Arabic

"شِعر" "shaer" in Arabic means "hair", "motto", "poetry", "rhyme" and finally "rhythm". The first form of Arabic literature is poetry, known in Arabic as ash-shi'ru al-'Arabyyu. Oral poetry would have existed before the 6th century, when written poetry in Arabic came into being.

in Urdu or Hindi

"Shayari" is an abbreviation of the Urdu/Hindi word "shairi", which means "poetry". Shairi are poems that contain at least one verse or "Sher". A "Ghazal", the most popular structure of Urdu poetry, is composed of many linked verses.

In Persia

"شعر" in Farsi, the word means "are you a poem?" or "poetry". Poetry in modern Persia is an incredibly rich and broad literary genre comparable to any other world language. A few pieces from the 8th and 9th centuries testify to its existence.

In creating Shaeri, we loved the idea that Hair can be deeply connected to Poetry. We deeply believe that although hair might be the most visible part of ourselves, it is also deeply connected to our inner spirituality and emotions.

We added the "i" at the end, "Shaeri", meaning "my hair", "my poem" or "my rhythm".

"Their look is black and something unique...

when you try to tame them, they become wild

when you try to make them pretty, they become free".

-Urdu poem

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