Of hair and movies with Laila Marrakchi

We don't need to introduce Laïla Marrakchi any longer: very discreet, she is nevertheless one of the rare women directors who makes feature films and mythical French series such as "Le Bureau des Légendes" or "Marseille".

She came to see us, and for once she was in front of the camera of Mai Hua : she has one or two words to say about her multiple identities and her hair!

Who are Laila?

I am a film maker doing shows for TVs and also movies. I am just back from Marrakech where I am also a teacher in the School of Cinema

How would you define yourself in terms of identity?

Well, it is complex. I have multiple identities : I am Berber, African, Arab... and I am French as well as I have been living in Paris for 20 years. My great grandmother was an African slave so I also feel I am deeply connected to Africa.

Do you have any special relationship with your ahir?

When I was a child, I had a big Afro hair that I couldn't control. And to be fully honest, I have never felt comfortable with it.  I felt I need to straigthen it to be fully accepted and not to be spotted.

Here in France or everywhere?

Here in France as I feel I am always judged... Just like if I had straight hair I would be more 'civilized', more adapted to this society, which is ridiculous...

Your #hairtop ?

"While I have very frizzy hair, I love waves. If I could, I'd always get my hair in waves." 

Your  #hairflop?

"When I haven't washed my hair in 3 days, my hair looks like a brush broom, well I tie it up!" 

Do you have any tips ?

"It's very important to love your hair texture whether you keep it natural or not. It's a who you are,  your identity! Take care of your hair and Love it!"



Shaeri ❤️ Laila

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