Sarah, The Arabic Novel

Sarah, the arabic novel

Today we introduce you to Sarah, known as The Arabic Novel. Passionate about Arabic literature and culture, she shares with us some of her favorite reads and talks about her hair at the same time!

So Sarah, can you tell us who you are?

My name is Sarah or The Arabic Novel. I'm very passionate about Arabic literature and culture, I share this passion on my social networks and also in some specialized magazines.

How did you get the idea of The Arabic Novel?

The Arabic Novel is the sum of who I am, a story, an Arabic novel. I often say that I am "the sum of the rhymes of my ancestors", by which I mean that the Maghrebians of Arab-Muslim culture, we are peoples of oral traditions, within which poetry, eloquence and stories have an almost sacred dimension. These worlds, this literature and these cultures are my passions, and then, almost two years ago now, I felt the need to share all this, so I created The Arabic Novel.

What are your 3 books for this summer?

The first is "Forgotten Sultanas", by Fatima Mernissi. The author, an internationally recognized sociologist, draws up an impressive list of women who have assumed the role of head of state in Islam, women whom history has carefully erased, and whose stories, beyond being inspiring, are necessary to enlighten the steps of thousands of women today.
I also want to discover "The heavenly bodies" by Jokha Alharti, an Omani author. Oman is one of my favorite destinations, and if I can't go back there at the moment, I must read her story through the eyes of this author who has just been awarded the Man Booker International Prize.

Finally, a book that I often return to, it is "Wonders", by the author Karim. It is a collection in which the author lets his heart speak, it is touching, reassuring, inspiring. We read it, and we come back to it so much it is soothing.

Here, we talk about hair, tell us how yours are?

My hair is very long, wavy and thick. They are an important part of my identity, they know how to cover me, to hide me when it is necessary, or to give me strength when I need it. They are my most beautiful jewels.

Do you have any hairtips to give us ? :)

When I was younger, I used to straighten and grow my hair for a long time using the kardoun. Nowadays I don't do it anymore, because I find it more restrictive, but I still sleep with a silk pillowcase to protect my hair, it avoids breakage and helps it grow.

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