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sofiia manousha

Let's discover together Sofiia Manousha and her universe! Today Sophia lives a life between filming, directing and her website My Beautyful food!

So tell us, who are you?

My name is Sofiia and I live in Paris. I am an actress, director and the founder of the website My Beautyfuel food:)

Tell us about My beautyfuel food, how did your project come about?

I've always been passionate about food, I've done a lot of dancing, and as an actress, our bodies and our skin are our working tools.

I had a very early hollistic relationship with beauty, and especially with the impact of food on health and skin. Nutrition obviously has a major role to play, as it is our cellular fuel. I want to look good without any artifice; especially with film shoots and photo shoots our skin is solicited, so outside of work I am without make up 7 days a week.

In 2017 I had an auto immune disease that made me sick for almost 1 year (loss of vitality, of my hair...), and to make it short I cured myself going through a 100% alkaline and anti inflammatory diet (no more gluten, white sugar, processed products, dairy products) and I cured myself in 10 days. I decided to create MY BEAUTYFUELFOOD to share my vision of beauty and well-being through food, my lifestyle, my beauty tips, my obsession to have a beautiful GLOWY skin, and all this with good vibes and beautiful pictures.

Tell us about your beautiful curly hair, how do you relate to it? 

Beautiful? Thank you! My hair is a big part of my identity, I try to take care of it as much as possible, I don't colour it, I don't put oil on it, I cut my fringes by myself and above all I pamper it by feeding it with good fats (chia seeds, avocado, walnuts: their best friends for shine) and by giving it all the nutrients it needs. I am a big consumer of collagen, superfoods (spirulina, klamath, chlorella: magical for hair).

I'm sure you have lots of hair tips... tell us how!

Once a week I go to my hairdresser Francine (France in Paris) who is a hair doctor, I follow a Floratherapy protocol followed by a clay poultice, all 100% natural and without any endocrine disruptors. I am a fan of your "no poo" which follows me everywhere and especially the Detox Scrub which is incredible and which I used during my trip to Morocco in March!

I wash my hair every day with the no poo and after rinsing I apply a little mask that I don't rinse out. I let my hair air dry and then apply a defining cream and lightly spray with a seawater spray.

I avoid blow-drying, straightening my hair and I let it air dry (even in winter)!

And do you have a hair top?

When I'm in Marrakech my hair is amazing! I think dry climates really suit it.And what about a hair flop?


Hahah! Yes, every time I try to do a blowout for an event or a red capet it's a disaster! The latest one was at the opening of the Roxie club last November, what a hair drama!


 Shaeri ❤️ Sofiia

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